Vayyar Care: a virtual care assistant in every room on Stand H50

Vayyar Care provides the emergency alerts and actionable insights that care homes need. The AI-powered solution gathers essential data to reduce resident falls, shrink staff workload and cut care transitions.

Emergency fall alerts

Vayyar Care’s touchless technology delivers instant, fully automatic fall detection to ensure rapid response and eliminate the chance of long lies. It overcomes the inherent limitations of traditional wall-mounted buttons which may be out of reach after a fall and of wearable devices, which residents frequently fail to put on.

Real-time fall verification provides failsafe fall detection and minimises false alerts, countering the threat of caregiver alarm fatigue and resulting delayed response.

Advanced, camera-free radio frequency sensors provide 24/7 visibility in all lighting conditions and even in pitch darkness, while maintaining privacy at all times. They also function in high humidity and steam, making Vayyar Care the ideal solution for bathrooms, where most serious falls happen, and where cameras cannot be installed.

Actionable behavioural insights

The system also gathers rich resident activity data, generating a range of trend reports that guide timely interventions, supporting personalised care and effective falls management.

Self-recovered falls

Vayyar Care identifies patterns of minor “hidden” falls that around half of residents fail to report and which are the leading risk factor for subsequent, serious falls and resulting care transitions.

Time in room

Tracking trends of how long residents spend alone in their rooms reveals social isolation and depression, which increase fall risk by up to 144% as well as the risk of hospitalisation due to heart failure and of suffering a stroke.

Time in bed

By monitoring behavioral changes over time, Vayyar Care uncovers pain-related insomnia and reduced mobility, while supporting the management of respiratory conditions such as CHF and COPD that cause disturbed sleep.

Bathroom usage

By measuring how long residents spend in the bathroom over any defined period—compared to their baseline behaviour—Vayyar Care also supports diagnosis of digestive issues and UTIs that cause low blood pressure, dizziness, and even sepsis.

Redefining the care sector

Designed for all care settings, especially dementia care where residents are often unable to report their recent activity and clinical symptoms, Vayyar Care is at the forefront of data-driven care.

Integrated with many of the UK’s leading nurse call systems and connected care platforms, Vayyar Care is deployed in local authority care homes across the South East, Midlands, North West and Scotland, enabling operators to enhance resident protection, elevate person-centred care and ease the burden on frontline staff.

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