Navigating care providers through the digital staff training minefield

The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA) has published a new whitepaper on selecting online training providers. CASPA members Bruce Adams, Altura Learning head of customer success, and My Learning Cloud marketing manager Gareth Price explain.

Investigating the ‘new normal’ in the apprenticeship sector

Lee Evans, chief executive of specialist health and social care sector end-point assessment organisation Prepare to Achieve, outlines changes to the way apprenticeships standards are delivered.

What does the technological future of care homes look like?

Silas Campbell of Sussex-based care provider Blueleaf examines the state of play and the state of the art of technology in care homes.

Can smart technology solve our care sector issues?

Hellen Bowey, founder and chief executive of intelligent care tech outfit Alcove, discusses why technology is more important than ever before, and how it enhances the caring experience for both staff and service users.

Coronavirus and the benefits of extra-care living

Former health minister Dr. Stephen Ladyman explains how the extra-care model of retirement can assist with social distancing and isolation amid the Covid-19 pandemic

What if staff refuse to work due to safety concerns?

Toyah Marshall, principal employment law adviser and solicitor, and Charles Spencer, principal health and safety consultant of employment consultants Ellis Whittam explain how to address care home staff concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic

How to stay ‘effective’ in a health pandemic

Ed Watkinson, a former care home inspector who consults for Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), explains how to run an ‘Effective’ service in a pandemic

Covid-19: Taking care of the care sector

Editor Tim Probert talks to National Care Association executive chair Nadra Ahmed about the short and longer-term implications of Covid-19 on the sector

Seven steps to care recruitment success

Tobi Alli-Usman, marketing strategy director of care sector marketing agency Smooth Digital outlines seven ways to attract care applicants.

Providing specialist adult care in a post-Covid world

Exemplar Health Care chief executive John Whitehead shares his reflections on lessons learned from Covid-19 and how changing public opinions are helping to shape the future for adult specialist care providers.

Artful care home design is just across the corridor

Interior designer Jacqui Smith, co-director of Sussex-based practice HomeSmiths, explains how enlightened use of corridor spaces can enhance the experience of care home residents without blowing the budget

How technology can help achieve outstanding results

Technology in care has become increasingly important, transforming the way in which care is delivered and the use of digital care systems has resulted in many people experiencing better and safer care, says John Rowley, at Cura Systems.

Avoid the potential risks associated with indoor air

Have you considered the quality of the air residents, staff and visitors are breathing? The quality of indoor air is an issue that is rising quickly up the agenda, says Clare Noble, head of healthcare for hygiene services provider PHS Group

Blue sky thinking: the power of biophilic design

David A. Navarrete, director of research initiatives and content development at virtual skylight maker Sky Factory, explains how biophilic design increases care home residents’ connectivity to the natural environment

Supporting people with dementia in care homes during Covid-19

Rishi Jawaheer, director of the Jawa Group of care homes in South London, takes a look at some of the issues arising from Covid-19 that affect people with dementia, and what care home professionals can do to help.

What does ‘new normal’ look like for care homes?

Meaningful Care Matters managing director Peter Bewert explores how to combat loneliness in a world of self-isolation.

Minimising viral spread via the laundry process

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, MAG Laundry Equipment managing director Mark Dennis outlines the best practice for killing viruses through the laundering process, re-programming machines for heightened thermal control and general servicing recommendations to help see care homes through turbulent times

How to avoid getting into hot water

Rinnai UK operations director Chris Goggin explains hot water heating and its safe delivery in the care home environment.

Understanding the legal issues arising from Covid-19

Tom Lumsden, a partner at commercial property specialist law firm CooperBurnett LLP examines the legal issues for care homes arising from the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Keeping the spread of infection at bay

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene technical and innovations manager Jamie Woodhall discusses the steps care homes need to take to help protect residents from infection via cross contamination and reduce employee absenteeism during the UK's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Design In Mental Health Conference 2021

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Upcoming Events

Design In Mental Health Conference 2021

Ricoh Arena, Judds Lane, Longford, Coventry, CV6 6AQ
9-10 June 2021