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MPs vote in favour of controversial social care cap tweaks

MPs have voted in favour of a controversial amendment to the government's social care funding reforms.

A Commons vote on changes to the £86,000 cost cap passed by 272 to 246 - a majority of 26 - with 19 Conservative MPs voting against the measure and 68 abstentions.

The bill change, referred to as Clause 49, has moved to a Second Reading that will see MPs debate the main principles of the bill in the coming weeks.

The changes are expected to save the government £900m a year by 2027.

The cap was expected to amount to a combination of all care costs, including means-tested council funding.

However, any help from government will count towards the £86,000 cap, meaning that only private contributions would be counted. Those with assets worth less than £100,000 are less likely to benefit.

Sir Andrew Dilnot told MPs last week the move would exacerbate geographical divides as most people with assets of less than £100,000 live in the north of England.

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