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Former Care Innovation Hub head honcho sets up Planit Consultancy

Navin Mayani, former chief of Care Innovation Hub has set up Planit Consultancy, which works with social care providers to improve current employee engagement and retention strategies.

With ongoing challenges to retain employees, Planit works with care providers to carry out interviews, surveys and focus group sessions with staff across the organisation.

The purpose is to understand employees experiences, support employees to feel heard and empower them to become brand ambassadors for years to come.

Planit prepares learning and evaluation reports that care providers can use as a benchmark to implement the necessary changes to enhance the employee experience within the workplace.

Planit also provides impact reporting to measure the progress made after implementing said changes within a certain time frame.

“Employees want to feel supported, valued and respected by their employer. Many are keen to contribute ideas and utilise their skills to feel their work is meaningful,” said Mayani (pictured).

“Our evaluations help employees and employers bridge the communication gap that often results in a high turnover of staff. This negatively impacts care providers, whose primary focus is to provide outstanding care and is unfortunately compromised by the lack of motivated, loyal or engaged staff,” he added.

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