Rinnai: go BioLPG, go green

Converting to BioLPG as the main fuel source of off-grid sites can save up to 81 per cent on carbon emissions, according to hot water system maker Rinnai.

The manufacturer has completed a detailed report into switching to BioLPG, a sustainable eco-propane made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materialsthat is compatible with existing in situ LPG products.

The Rinnai report highlights several off-grid building envelopes that can benefit from high-efficiency LPG-fired water heaters.

The transition focuses on the carbon savings that can be achieved by shifting from widely used oil heating systems to LPG and then upgrading LPG to Bio-LPG.

“The report set out to establish the possible reductions in carbon emissions if this energy transition was used to support widespread decarbonisation in an off-grid setting. The results demonstrate that there is potential for widespread decarbonisation whilst also providing an economical and technically feasible solution for consumers,” said Rinnai director and report author Chris Goggin.

“Where LPG is already used the incumbent water heating technology can still be used in the future when BioLPG switching is available. This would make use of the existing fuel infrastructure and heating technology which would lead to the potential for both capital and operational expenditure savings for end-users,” he added.

Goggin continued: “Further study should be considered to establish the capital expenditure and operational expenditure impact when BioLPG fired appliances are compared to alternative energies and technology.”

Copies of the report are freely available on direct request to Rinnai.

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