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UK aligns with WHO code for ethical care staff recruitment

The UK has updated its code of practice (CoP) for the international recruitment of health and social care staff to align with the World Health Organization (WHO) to widen the global market from which it can ethically recruit.

The CoP sets out how the UK can work collaboratively with governments from around the world, forming partnerships to benefit health and social care workers, their country of origin and the UK.

The updated CoP aligns with the principles set out in the World Health Organization’s global code of practice and represents an important step forward in the UK’s approach to ethical recruitment.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the update will ensure international recruits will be treated fairly and be provided with the appropriate support; provide safeguards against active recruitment from 47 countries on the WHO Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List; and set out how the UK is supporting countries with the most pressing health and social care workforce challenges.

The CoP will also provide increasing numbers of international staff with the opportunity to work in the UK social care sector, it added.

“I am hugely grateful for all of the frontline health and social care workers from overseas who have worked tirelessly to save lives and provide the best possible care during this pandemic,” said care minister Helen Whately (pictured).

“We will work with countries all over the world to promote the best standards of ethical recruitment of health and social care staff and I look forward to welcoming more incredible talent to the UK,” she added.

The updated CoP can be viewed here:

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