Safepoint spotlights carer safety in Every 30 Minutes campaign

Tech outfit Safepoint has launched the ‘Every 30 Minutes’ campaign to bring a spotlight on the daily risks of working within the care industry.

The campaign takes its lead from statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive that a health and social care worker is assaulted while carrying out their job every 30 minutes in the UK.

Safepoint will be communicating with industry leaders and front line workers to discuss the issue.

The company is asking social care worker or those who have left the profession to contact the company directly on [email protected].

“We are running the #Every30Minutes campaign to bring focus to the abysmal rates of workplace violence affecting this sector, and to ask how we can better protect health and social care workers from violent attacks,” the company said.

“We believe everyone deserves to go to work feeling safe and supported and that the physical and mental wellbeing of our vital frontline workers must be addressed,” it added.

Safepoint has developed an app and wearable devices to stay connected to colleagues team and to its 24/7 monitoring service, which will react if a worker requests emergency help or is unresponsive.