Royal British Legion takes command of Warwickshire refurb

A state‐of‐the‐art dementia care refurbishment scheme delivered across a live Royal British Legion care home in Warwickshire has been handed over by contractor J Tomlinson.

The £2.3m Galanos House project in Southam included creation of two extensions to support increased capacity within the home, as well as landscaping and car parking works.

In addition to providing ten additional dementia care bedrooms to the home’s Poppy Lodge, J Tomlinson also worked with the Royal British Legion to create a new community hub, which features a day care facility, café and treatment rooms.

As part of the project, the company installed new energy‐efficient features to help futureproof the building and maximise the comfort of residents and staff.

These included a new building management system, new boilers, underfloor heating, LED lighting and thermal insulation.

A portion of the project was delivered throughout the Covid‐19 pandemic, with J Tomlinson working closely with the Royal British Legion to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents, staff and visitors throughout the duration of the scheme.

That was achieved through phased and weekend‐working, clear segregation, detailed risk assessments (reviewed daily), and regular, meetings with the wider project team to communicate and share key updates and best practice.

“J Tomlinson have worked extremely collaboratively with the team at Galanos House and have ensured that the impact on residents and visitors to the Home has been considered throughout,” said Royal British Legion assistant director of operations Steve Barnett.

“Our ten additional dementia care bedrooms are now being used, and we look forward to opening the Community Hub as soon as we are able to,” he added.