SoupedUp serves chance to thank care home staff

Care homes across Britain are being encouraged to nominate colleagues to receive recognition in a new programme, CHHW Allstars.

The programme, run by care catering software outfit SoupedUp, is an opportunity to say thanks to the hard-working and caring people in care homes who have gone above and beyond during the global pandemic.

CHHW Allstars recognises and rewards outstanding team members across catering, cleaning, laundry, lifestyle services within care homes.

SoupedUp chief executive, Belinda Adams, said the CHHW Allstars provides a platform to reward worthy individuals who clearly go the extra mile for their residence.

“We are extremely proud to acknowledge and give back to those professionals who have shown dedication and commitment to improving the quality of resident care, not only during Covid-19, but every day,” she added.

SoupedUp said CHHW Allstars was developed to honour the efforts and commitment of staff whose work has often gone unnoticed during the pandemic.

Each week, successful all-stars will be awarded with a £100 gift card, plus the care home will receive some Organic Vitamin Tea and cookies to take a well-earned break with the residents.

“Through CHHW Allstars, care home staff and residents get an opportunity to spread the word and say thanks to those who have gone the extra mile,” said Adams.

To nominate CHHW Allstars, visit Anyone can nominate (a co-worker, residents, family, friends or facility) by completing and submitting the online nomination form.