Johnson to use ‘magic of averages’ to fix social care

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated the Conservative election manifesto promise to fix social care in his keynote party conference speech.

Johnson said during in virtual speech.the government will use the “magic of averages to the rescue of millions” to reform social care funding.

The Prime Minister did not elaborate on his statement but economist Sir Andrew Dilnot, who has proposed a £45,000 cap on social care costs, has previously used the term in relation to Winston Churchill’s support for social insurance to tackle unemployment.

Johnson said the government would “do what all governments have shirked for decades” and find a solution for care funding.

“It is clear from Covid that we need the economic preparedness to repel whatever cosmic spanner is heading towards us,” he added.

“Covid has shone a spotlight on the difficulties of that sector in all parts of the UK, and to build back better we must respond. We will fix the injustice of care home funding. We will care for the carers as they care for us.”

Johnson also said the government would continue to recruit 50,000 more nurses and confirmed plans to build 40 new hospitals