Traffik directs care homes to free deep clean offer

Carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaning specialists Traffik is offering a free deep clean service to help care homes tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

For care homes that book a carpet clean between now and the end of January, Traffik will disinfect an entire room with its 'dry' fogging system that uses Toucan, a non-allergenic and safe disinfectant solution (hypochlorous acid - HOCI). 

The proven disinfection solution effectively tackles spores, virus and bacteria on all surfaces, the company said. 

“It’s obviously been a very challenging time for the sector to not only provide effective and consistent care and to maintain the homes to the highest standard,” said managing director Howard O’Brien. 

“The restrictions on home visits has complicated the process, but we have managed to work with a number of our clients to support them during this time providing carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaning together with a fogging service,” he added. 

Traffik said the disinfectant is non-toxic, nonallergenic, 100 per cent safe to use without any risk for residents, even if the product is accidentally sprayed in their faces or swallowed. 

“There are many products on the market that promise the earth and it’s difficult to know which will provide an effective answer,” said O’Brien. 

The company has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and is an aftercare partner with danfloor carpets. 

The offer is available on all new carpet cleaning bookings of 300 square metres or more booked before 31 December. For more information please call Traffik on 01985 840400, email: [email protected] or visit the website at