Inverness care home goes Wyld for Covid smart technology

Morar Living will next month deploy smart technology to help reduce the spread of viruses including Covid-19 at its Castlehill care home in Inverness.

The technology, developed by Wyld Networks, uses a smartphone app and geozones - software-based virtual walls surrounding the care home.

The software decides whether visitors and staff can or cannot enter the facility based on peoples’ health status and level of risk.

Once inside the care home, the technology monitors and alerts social distancing between staff, visitors and residents.

In addition, heat maps are generated in real-time to visualise areas where social distancing is being inadvertently broken.

Changes can then be made to the building layouts, routines and room occupancy numbers. In the case of an outbreak of the virus, those at risk can be informed and scheduled for testing within the NHS.

The deployment is part of a collaboration agreement between Wyld Network and Highland Health Ventures Limited (HHVL) - a company established with the remit to bring innovation into the Scottish healthcare system - under the guidance of NHS Highland.

“We believe that deploying this new solution from Wyld Networks will go a long way to help prevent further outbreaks of the virus not only in care homes, but also in business in general to help get people back to work safely and re-boot the economy,” said HHVL director Alan White.