Dorgard protecting against infection touchpoints

Fire protection equipment supplier Safelincs is highlighting the role of Dorgard fire door retainers to minimise the need to touch door handles and reduce cross-infection risk from Covid-19 and other diseases in care homes.

As an estimated 80 per cent of infections are passed on through contact with contaminated surfaces, removing the need to open doors to access different parts of your home will drastically reduce the risk of disease spreading.

Dorgard fire door retainers offer a quick and simple way to legally hold fire doors open and, being battery-operated, can be retrofitted to existing fire doors without the need for an electrician.

Dorgards operate by listening out for the sound of a fire alarm. On hearing it the device releases the foot plunger, which holds the fire door open, and instructs it to retract, allowing the door to swing closed via an overhead door closer.

To ensure the right device for a particular setting, Dorgards are offered in a range to cater for all your needs.

For small to medium care settings with average noise levels the original Dorgard is suitable.

For a setting where the noise levels are higher than average and where enhanced sound recognition would be beneficial, the Dorgard SmartSound is preferable.

With fire doors held open in this way, it will meet fire safety requirements as well as reduce the risk of cross-infection and allow residents to continue to enjoy the freedom of the home they live in without fear of contracting a virus from touching contaminated door handles.

For more information about how Dorgard can help with action plans to reduce the risk of viruses such as Covid-19 spreading, a customer help team is available at 0800 612 6537.

The customer help team can assist care homes chose the right Dorgard for a particular setting.

Information can also be found at the Safelincs website at