Rentokil launches specialist disinfection services

Cleaning and disinfection provider Rentokil Specialist Hygiene has launched a range of specialist disinfection services to assist with Covid-19 containment and control.

Rentokil is offering four services depending on the situation:  a service for Covid-19 confirmed or suspected within 72 hours; a service for Covid-19 confirmed or suspected that is older than 72 hours; all-purpose specialist disinfection; and a contingency survey that incorporates a site-specific risk assessment of premises.

For all services, qualified technicians will be equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment.

“Preventing the spread of the Covid-19 must be the number one priority for all employers and employees, and a proactive approach to health and hygiene is the key to achieving this,” said at Rentokil technical and innovations manager Jamie Woodhall.

“If you have had a confirmed or suspected case of the Covid-19 virus on your premises, then it is vital to consult disinfection experts swiftly,” he added.

“They are qualified to advise on the appropriate action that needs to be taken, can conduct a thorough deep clean and dispose of the resulting waste safely to help prevent further cross contamination. They will also be able to get these essential businesses and services back up and running as quickly as possible, and in a safe and professional manner.”