Cost-effective thermal cameras

Axis Communications has launched new cost-effective thermal cameras that will deliver thermal imaging capabilities to small and mid-size installations with budget limitations, such as schools and care environments.

This technology allows for intrusion detection and incident identification without compromising individuals’ identities.

Martina Lundh, global product manager at Axis Communications, states, “In care environments, staff can observe patients and residents remotely in order to work more efficiently, and patients and residents can rest undisturbed.”

Thermal technology is renowned for ensuring reliable detection with a low rate of false alarms, but until now the cost of high-quality thermal imaging has been beyond the reach of organisations with limited budgets. The new AXIS P1280-E Thermal Network Camera is an indoor/outdoor camera with a flexible form factor that allows the thermal sensor unit to be placed in locations with limited space and it comes with a wide range of mounting accessories for both wall, ceiling or recessed installations. AXIS P1290 Thermal Network Camera is an indoor camera protected in a dome casing for discretion.

Lundh explains: “In environments where the privacy of individuals is paramount – for example schools and care homes – thermal imaging detects incidents without revealing personal details of the people in the image. Together with analytics these new cameras can trigger alerts or alarms in response to patient or resident falls, allowing staff to take immediate action.”