Scales with BSA calculation

British weighing scales manufacturer Marsden Group has launched a new range of weighing scales with a unique body surface area (BSA) calculation function.

Marsden believes it is the first time BSA calculation has ever been made available on a weighing scale.

BSA is a calculation used to help determine the amount of fluids to be administered intravenously, and the correct drug dosage for a patient, such as drug dosage for chemotherapy. 

There are a number of different ways BSA can be calculated. Marsden’s new scales use the most commonly used formula, DuBois.

The function is available to three new Marsden scales: a column scale (the Marsden M-125), a floor scale (Marsden M-545) and a chair scale (Marsden M-225). This means one scale can provide a patient’s weight, BMI and BSA readings. 

Marsden’s managing director, Richard Black, says: “Last year Marsden contacted thousands of GPs to find out whether a BSA function would be useful to them on their scales - and the overwhelming answer was ‘yes’.

“It will help doctors to calculate dosages of medicine and the amount of fluid to be administered.”

Operations Director, Mark Coates, adds: “BSA is already used in NHS DEXA standards to calculate body composition. BMI also features on the new scales, to provide a picture of body health.

“We’ve never seen a weighing scale with a BSA function, so we believe we’ve brought something brand new to the market - that will save medical professionals a lot of time.”