Hybrid lighting solution unveiled

Specialist in low energy, low carbon solutions, Monodraught, and manufacturer of ‘smart’ LED lighting, Photonstar, have collaborated to launch a hybrid lighting development, Sunpipe LuxLoop, which they say maximises the benefits of the former’s Sunpipe and the latter’s LuxLoop systems.

Hybrid lighting solutions are produced via a combination of four technologies: collecting natural light; generating artificial light; transporting and distributing light to where it is needed; and continuously controlling the amounts of both natural and artificial light.

During daylight, the Sunpipe collects ‘healthy natural light’ with its patented highimpact acrylic diamond dome, directs it through a micro-silver mirror-finished aluminium tube, and distributes it evenly through the ceiling diffuser. The system is complemented by Photonstar’s advanced LuxLoop LED system, and ‘intelligently managed’ by the Halcyon wireless control system. 

A representative from Monodraught says: “The integration of Sunpipe increases the life of the LEDs and leads to fewer replacements. Sunpipe is proven and tested to maintain its performance over long periods

“The quadruple-glazed system minimises heat loss gain and achieves high thermal performance, resulting in a complete, ultra-low energy lighting system suitable for any location, with guaranteed lighting performance and an expected 50,000 to 100,000-hour lifetime.”