An effective fire safety prevention strategy

Doug Agnew, business development manager, Abbot Fire Group, provides tips and information on how to reduce the risk of fire by carrying out a care home risk assessment and taking the appropriate measures to keep residents safe from harm

How access control can protect and empower

We have come a long way in terms of care home provision and in the design of facilities, says Philip Ross, a director of Safehinge and Primera Life, and businesses and individuals are making practical changes and developing new products that both protect and empower residents

Care in a homely and luxurious environment

Ferrars Hall –one of County Court Care’s purpose built developments

Good design can reduce agitation in residents

Karen Clayton, dementia environment specialist, Find Memory Care, considers how good design principles can reduce agitation and aggression in people living with dementia, significantly reducing the need for antipsychotic drugs

Who should benefit from use of communal space?

The amount of freedom that people living with dementia have in communal care settings to define how they use their space can be a critical measure of how much the staff understand and practice person centred care and support, says Tanya Clover, Clove Care Consultancy

Smart solution elevates elderly care to next level

Health and wellbeing are constantly under review at Danish care home Plejecenter Skovhuset

‘Uberfication’could open doors for the care sector

Sara McKee discusses why she believes care homes should embrace a gig economy that encourages workers to be their own bosses, and explains how much could be learnt across the social care sector from the Uber business model

How to promote an engaged culture of care

As a care leader it is up to you to help your staff and residents by encouraging the open exchange of views. This may be through training, but most of all it will come through building active engagement, says Jo Geraghty, co-founder of Culture Consultancy

What 2016 meant for the social care sector

Davina Ludlow looks back at 2016, a year of significant political turmoil in the UK, which saw a continuously changing landscape and agenda, but looks set to lead to a raft of positive developments within the social care sector

Promoting the optimal use of outdoor space

Garden designers Debbie Carroll and Mark Rendell, from Step Change Design, carried out research to answer a simple question, ‘Why aren’t care home gardens used more actively?’ The answers they received had little to do with the design of the outside spaces

Care & Dementia Show a resounding success

The Care & Dementia Show, which was held at the NEC in Birmingham on 11-12 October, and Care in Construction, which was co-located with the main event, have been declared a success by show organiser UBM, after attracting 2,459 attendees

Functional fabrics for a germ-free care home

When choosing fabrics to adorn seating in a care home environment, you may think it’s more about style than substance, but fabrics should be functional as well as good looking, says Harriet Green, Camira’s product manager for healthcare

Enriching the lives of care home residents

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) ENRICH programme aims to encourage stronger partnerships between researchers, staff and residents

Attract, retain and develop your workforce

Amanda Terranova and Sue Ascott, discuss ways to create an environment that helps to attract, retain and develop your workforce

Enhancing quality of life: technically speaking

The care sector is primarily a people business, but to get the best we can for service users, we must embrace new technology, says Professor Martin Green

Achieving whole life energy efficiency

Stuart Turner, national sales manager, Hamworthy Heating, considers the whole life costs of a commercial heating system

Maximising safety and levels of care

Palle Stevn, chief operating officer at MariCare, discusses the importance of healthcare technologies to maximise safety and comfort for care home residents and improve levels of care

Assessing individual equipment needs

Mandy Clift, product manager, Patient and Post Acute Care UKI, Getinge Group, looks at how a simple to use classification system can help you to identify the correct mix of equipment required to deliver high quality care, while protecting staff safety

Implementing renewable heating solutions

Phil Mangnall, Jaga Heating Products, discusses the importance of safe, energy efficient, responsive heating in care homes

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Paul Jakeway, marketing director at skin care specialist Deb, explains how strategically placed facilities, ongoing staff education and the right skin care products can help prevent the spread of infection