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Imprint Plus™ prides itself on helping businesses connect with their customers in a deep meaningful way. Not only displaying their brand with the right look and feel but also building custom solutions to convey the businesses core values and message. Balancing quality and cost with a custom solution is where Imprint Plus™ has helped 37,000 customers across 102 countries in over 30 verticals.

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we’ve been deeply committed to manufacturing top quality, premium products that are at the cutting edge of design and technology.  Thriving on innovation and sustainability Imprint Plus™ releases a range of new products and software every year aimed to support our clients needs in new ways as well as advance our clients and our stewardship of the environment which we find an important part of doing business.

Today our core product The Reprintable Name Badge and Signage Products, a “Do-It-Yourself” badge system that includes proprietary components and copyrighted name badge printing software. Our product allows you to reuse 3 of the 4 components – simply print out a new insert, clip it in place in a matter of seconds, and your new team member is ready to go.  Only replacing a re-printable insert and clipping the product back together for re-use.  Use the paper insert and you can even recycle the insert.  Overall, this significantly reduces both the environmental impact and the lifetime cost of each badge.