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Protect Your People and Assets with Real-Time Location


Keeping people and equipment safe and secure in your healthcare facility is a complex task. More patients to serve, increasing crime, tightening regulations and economic instability create a perfect storm of security challenges for your organization.

These modern security concerns require sophisticated, 24/7 security technology. And STANLEY Healthcare is the proven leader that can help you meet your security and protection needs.


Proven, user-friendly Wi-Fi RFID for health systems


STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi RFID delivers a real-time location system that helps ensure the safety and security of your patients, staff, visitors, and property. Rely on us to:

  • Increase security for your people and assets
  • Protect high-risk staff and patient groups against duress, elopement and abduction
  • Provide peace of mind for staff, patients and family
  • Increase the efficiency of healthcare workers

More than 5,000 hospitals around the world look to STANLEY Healthcare for innovative quality, safety, and efficiency solutions that help improve the outcomes of patient care. With hundreds of customer success stories and proven ROI, STANLEY Healthcare is uniquely positioned to help you with your security and protection needs.



Achieve Hospital-Wide Staff Security with the MyCall Staff Protection Solution


Hospital safety is a well-documented concern, with violence against healthcare workers a regular occurrence in the ED, mental health and even maternal/child services. The MyCall® Staff Protection solution is a staff duress system that gives healthcare workers an easy way to call for help for themselves, colleagues or patients from anywhere in the hospital.

Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi staff security tag, typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge so that help is always within reach -- just press the large, tactile button and the tag immediately sends a signal. Responders know who to look for and where to look, and can receive alerts on a wide variety of mobile devices.

STANLEY Healthcare is the leader in patient protection and staff safety solutions -- MyCall is a mission-critical enterprise system that delivers increased safety for workers and reduced risk and financial exposure for hospitals.  



Advanced Healthcare RFID Protects all Your Patients - No Matter Where They Are


Patient elopement

High-risk patients can wander or try to flee a protected area, putting themselves in danger.

Patient assist

Patients need access to reliable emergency call systems, no matter where they are in the facility, and staff should be able to locate them quickly and accurately.

Patient security

Patients who may be dangerous to themselves or others have to be carefully tracked to prevent safety risks.

Pediatric security

Young patients need to be protected from abduction and patient flight with tamper-proof technology.


Hugs® Protects More than 1.5 Million Infants Every Year in 1,600 Hospitals Worldwide, Making it the #1 Infant Protection Solution on the Market


Keep Infants Secure with the Top Infant Protection Solution


The Hugs Infant Protection Solution is a comprehensive infant security system that includes tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit alerts that allow staff to act quickly. The system sends alerts directly to caregivers, and automates the transfer of infants between areas of the hospital for smoother workflow and uninterrupted security. It provides tangible proof to parents that their infants are safe and secure.

No other infant security provider matches the power of the Hugs system.  It is the only infant protection system on the market to provide, proven hospital-wide infant projection.  It does this by leveraging a hospital's existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give the ability to locate an infant anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage.  

And with the Kisses® option, hospitals provide an extra layer of protection - Kisses is the only audible and automatic mother/infant matching solution on the market.