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Hygenex Vacumatic waste disposal system helps care homes clean up

DDC Dolphin is highlighting the Hygenex Vacumatic, an advanced cost-effective waste disposal system to help keep care homes hygienic and odour-free.

The Hygenex Vacumatic waste disposal system compacts and seals vacuum waste bags hermetically so they can be disposed of quickly, safely and discretely.

The system draws the air from the waste disposal bags and then passes it through a high-quality medical grade filter, completely removing bad odours and bacteria from the extruded air while compacting the waste into tightly-sealed, condensed packages.

It is a 100 per cent hygienic, efficient and odourless waste disposal system.

Sealing contaminated material airtight reduces its volume by up to 50 per cent, creating an opportunity to reduce your waste collection costs and shrink your carbon footprint.

Vacuum-packing also ensures that the storage and transportation of waste in your facility is completely safe, efficient and economical.

The sturdy Vacumatic vacuum bags are 110-micron thick and have a patented safety structure, they are 100 per cent odourless and airtight using moisture-wicking material.

For the collection of waste and for use with Vacumatic waste bags, the Hygenex Vacumatic trolley is made of a seamless stainless steel frame with a rubber clamp spring closure action, which is operated by a foot pedal, and therefore needs no lid.

This means that the waste bag never stays open and will close itself promptly with minimal air displacement.

The Vacumatic is simple to operate, you just place your foot in front of the floor sensor to open the vacuum chamber, place the bag you want to seal on the vacuum plate within the placement markers, and remove your foot from the sensor.

The vacuum chamber closes automatically and begins the vacuum cycle. When complete, it hermetically seals the contaminated material in the bag ready for safe and easy disposal in the appropriate bin.

The benefits of the Hygenex Vacumatic waste disposal system include:

• Hands-free operation that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

• Suitable for use in combination with all types of non-offensive clinical waste including disposable bedpans, incontinence pads, nappies and other waste such as hand towels and tissues.

• Exceptionally economical, reducing waste volume by up to 50 per cent.

• Extremely quiet, using a validated air valve fitted with a medical bacteria filter.

• A safe and efficient method of waste disposal, the Vacumatic can be used alongside bedpan washers and macerators.

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