Aspire LPP achieves ambition for Worthing plans

Surrey developer Aspire LPP has been given the green light to build an 82-bed care home in Worthing in West Sussex.

Adur & Worthing Councils approved plans for the demolition of two homes near Worthing College to make way for the new scheme.

The local authority had previously refused permission for the construction of a three and a half storey, 60-bed care home on the same site.

Aspire LPP made improvements to the building’s design and appearance following extensive pre-application advice with council officers about the site, which is located approximately 1 kilometre north of Worthing town centre.

The layout of the Worthing care home will be sub-divided per floor with the accommodation becoming more private further away from the ‘active hub’ consisting of gathering spaces around the dining area, café and lounge.

Each floor will feature a semi-public communal lounge, dining areas and ancillary resident’s spaces.

In addition, each resident will be provided with an ensuite room with telephone, tv and call bell points for emergencies.