Nourish works with NHS to support care services during coronavirus

Digital care planning outfit Nourish Care has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by developing functionality within its product to track and analyse coronavirus cases within care services.

Nourish has been working with NHS Digital with the aim of providing anonymised stats as part of a more detailed Covid-19 observation. 

In order to allow for greater observation and to gain a clearer picture of the impact of Covid-19 across care homes in the UK, the Nourish team have also been working on a way to make this tracking and analysis accessible to all care services, not just their own clients. 

The Covid-19 Tracker is a simple and easy to use platform that Nourish have made available to any care team who wishes to use it. 

The tracker, which is accessible from any web browser, allows users to track the status of infection across people in a care service, and among staff. 

By recording data such as suspected cases, numbers of individuals who have been tested/awaiting testing, those who are high risk and those who have recovered, care services are able to get a clearer picture of how Covid-19 is affecting their service and those they support.

The recorded data is also vital in helping to provide a national picture of how the virus has impacted those within the social care sector, and will support the ongoing response to the pandemic.

The Covid-19 Tracker is free to use and there is no need to be a pre-existing Nourishcustomer. 

To start tracking Covid-19 in your care service register here.