Saint Cecilia’s rewards staff with pay rise

North Yorkshire provider Saint Cecilia’s Care Group is rewarding staff who are on the front-line in the fight against coronavirus with a Covid-19 pay bonus.

Saint Cecilia’s has told its 160 staff they will be getting an extra pay rise in recognition of their work during Covid-19 and their efforts seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The group has five care centres in the area, including the Saint Cecilia’s nursing home that provides 24-hour nursing care for up to 44 people with acute and life-limiting illnesses.

“I am delighted to say that this will take all our staff above the Real Living Wage. This is the voluntary wage level, above the government’s National Living Wage and suggested by the Living Wage Foundation, based upon the cost of living,” said Saint Cecilia’s managing director Mike Padgham.

Staff will also receive a hamper of food each from local baker Cooplands, after last week each of the four homes received a box of sweet treats.

“We are so proud of our staff at the current time," added Padgham. "They are working extremely hard and putting their health and safety on the line every single day to look after our 110 vulnerable residents," said 

“We wanted to show how much we appreciate what they are doing by giving them a bonus at this very challenging time. It recognises not only their fantastic effort during the coronavirus pandemic but also everything they do all year round to provide wonderful care."

Last week the company sent each home a box of sweets and chocolates and this week will be following that up with a hamper of food for each colleague from Scarborough bakery Cooplands.

“It is hard to show just how much I and everyone connected with Saint Cecilia’s appreciates what our staff are doing at this time,” added Padgham. “But hopefully this pay rise and our hampers will go some way to show our gratitude.