The walking stick reinvented

Excelda Sticks is proud to launch its revamped website, hosting the evolution of the walking stick, with quality, comfort, stability and style.

The Excelda Gripstick is a British walking stick with a unique patented design, endorsed by physiotherapists across the UK. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort and stability for its owner. The sticks are lightweight and shock absorbent, designed to help prevent aches and pains in your arms.

The unique grip handle is crafted for comfort, and easily hangs from surfaces without slipping. The planted rubber foot allows you to pick up your stick with ease without bending down. All the Excelda Gripsticks are designed and manufactured in the UK, are recyclable and CE accredited.
The site proudly showcases a modern revolutionised approach to the walking stick, with a carefully constructed and user-friendly website that you can navigate with ease. Easily access the unique eight patterns available, and discover the story behind the inventor, Anthony James, a man who spent years crafting the perfect stick to introduce to the market.

The site will continue to post reviews from customers and will introduce various professionally researched content in the coming months to help users make the most out of their walking sticks. Find out more at